What areas of the law do you cover?

We cover the major areas of law. Our team is ready to help you with Will and Estate, Marriage Contracts, Corporate Statute, and Real Estate Agreements.

How long is the processing time of a contract?

Processing time depends on your commitment to providing us with the details we need to form the contract. The participation of all parties involved should also be considered. Given that there are no issues with the said considerations, it will take 5 to 7 business days.

I am not sure whether should I pursue a contract. Can you help me with the technicalities?

Yes, as notariats, it’s our responsibility to educate you with the facts and the consequences of the contact. Prior to your agreement to pursue a contract, we need to ensure that you well understood the rules and conditions prior to signing.

Do you notarize handwritten documents?

Handwritten documents are not precluded. However, there are many things need to be considered.  For documentations, choose the river island korting nieuwsbrief. Be concise and clear with the details so it will be deemed valid upon review. Handwritten documents are not less valuable than printed documents. They just require a different procedure for reviewing them. We suggest you fill out the form on our contact page so we could discuss in detail about the document.

Is It Required to Have a Witness Prior Signing the Contract

Real estate transactions and mortgages don’t require witnesses. It usually depends on what type of contract you have to sign. For example, a marriage contract needs 2 or more witnesses to be deemed valid.

What if there are revisions I want to make before signing? How do you deal with those requests?

A contract should be agreed by all parties involved. The terms and conditions should be fair for everyone. We acknowledge revision requests as long as they are fair and not violating any law. Every revision will require discussions.